On-Campus Exams - Adverse Weather

For any exams taking place in-person, either on campus or in another off-campus venue, you are expected to take reasonable steps to arrive on time, including making allowance for some cancellation/delays. However, the University accepts that adverse weather may seriously disrupt students' travel arrangements causing late arrival or non-attendance.


We recommend you check your exam timetable to ensure that you know the dates and times of any exams taking place on campus in order to help you assess your travel options. If it is possible to do so safely you should take all reasonable steps to attend your scheduled examinations.

Late Arrival

If you arrive late you will be permitted entry to the examination hall up to one hour after the examination has started; and, unless any students have left the examination during the first hour, the invigilator has discretion to allow you to enter the examination even later than this. You will finish the examination at the same time as everyone else; it will not be possible to add on any extra time at the end.

Impaired Performance due to Late Arrival

If you miss some of your examination due to seriously disrupted travel caused by bad weather, and you believe that your performance was affected by having less time in the examination, you can apply for consideration under the regulations on ‘Incomplete assessment resulting from Good Cause’ (see §16.45 - §16.53) in the University Code of Assessment.

It is your responsibility to initiate this process after the exam has taken place. In particular, you must submit your case as a Good Cause Claim on MyCampus not later than five working days after the examination. You should ensure that you collect documentation to support your absence and upload this into MyCampus. (Additional evidence can be added to your MyCampus Good Cause Claim after the five working days deadline, but this should be done as soon as possible.)

Good Cause Claims submitted later than five working days will not be considered unless you can also demonstrate that you were unable to submit the claim at an earlier date.

Please note: If your Good Cause claim is accepted the grade that you achieved will NOT be increased. The most common outcome for an accepted claim is that you will need to complete the assessment at a later date.

Further information on Good Cause is available in the Student FAQs.

Missing an in-person exam due to extreme travel disruption

In circumstances where you are unable to attend an examination due to extreme travel disruption which could not have been foreseen, you should inform the relevant Course Co-ordinator(s) of the situation as soon as possible and follow this up by completion of a Good Cause Claim on MyCampus not later than five working days after the examination, as detailed in the section above. All such claims will be considered by the relevant Board of Examiners and the regulations on 'Incomplete assessment resulting from Good Cause' will be applied (see above).

Cancellation of Examinations

In extreme weather the University Secretary may authorise the cancellation of examinations at the University. Notice of such cancellations shall be posted on the University website as soon as possible and the Communications Office will inform our social media community through Facebook and Twitter of the latest advice and updates.

When examinations are cancelled they will be re-scheduled at the earliest opportunity, but not during vacation weeks. Students are expected to attend these examinations as they would have done on the original date.