Validation and Franchising

Validation is the practice of a degree awarding body (the University) reviewing and approving (if of an appropriate standard and quality) a programme 'owned' by another organisation and making an academic award to students based on successful completion of that programme. The student will have a direct contractual relationship with the provider, rather than the University. The University has three UK based validation partners that are well established education institutions in their own right.  There are no plans to extend our validation arrangements to new partners and therefore the University will not participate in new validation arrangements.

Franchising is the practice of a degree awarding body (the University) agreeing to authorise another organisation to deliver (and sometimes assess) part or all of one (or more) of its own approved programmes. Often, the degree-awarding body retains direct responsibility for the programme content, teaching and assessment strategy, the assessment regime and quality assurance. Students normally have a direct contractual relationship with the degree-awarding body.  The University does not engage in franchising arrangements