Letter from the Principal

Dear Alumni and friends,

A team of enthusiastic, dedicated students are hoping to have the opportunity to speak to you!

We prioritise keeping in touch with all of our UofG community. To do this, we have selected a team of current students to contact you by phone this February. The call will be an opportunity for you to receive an update on the latest developments at the University of Glasgow, hear about upcoming events, and opportunities for you to reconnect. Our students would also love to hear about your memories and learn about the path you have taken since leaving University.

Our team of students represent a vast array of subjects and interests. I hope you will enjoy engaging and reminiscing with them. We hope you will get involved by answering the phone and sharing your experience.

Our student’s will also take the opportunity to update you about the University’s current developments around Student Support, and how you can get involved and help inspire the next generation of UofG. Throughout Glasgow’s history, the generosity of our alumni and friends has been pivotal in our success, I hope you’ll consider getting involved.  

Yours sincerely,
Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

P.S. I hope you enjoy your call with one of our students and feel inspired to support the University!

P.P.S We take the careful management of your information very seriously and want to ensure you are happy with the ways in which we contact you. You can find out more about how we manage your information here: https://www.gla.ac.uk/alumni/welcomehome/privacynotice/