GSF in Action 2019

During June 2019, PhD students from the University of Glasgow brought fun, hands-on activities to Kinning Park Complex and the Botanics Gardens as part of Glasgow Science Festival. They worked with the GSF team on a public engagement training scheme to create, design and deliver their own activities to over 2,000 people! A huge thanks to everyone who took part and to the programme sponsor, the University of Glasgow.


GSF in Action students delivered bee and butterfly themed activities at the Botanics event on Saturday 8th June 2019. This included making your own bee and then following it on a pollination journey through fluorescent flowers, and learning about how the wings of butterflies have inspired innovation such as detecting counterfeit passports. 

Thanks to Elouise, Scholar, Hannah, George, Aniket, Alvaro, Minming, Marli, Marion and Liam. 

Kinning Park Complex

GSF in Action students delivered activities based on the human body from organs to cells at the Kinning Park Complex on 16th June 2019. This included contributing to a red blood cell mural, creating a plush heart and making a cell out of sweeties. 

Thanks to Anna, Xiaofei, Gaby, Aisling, Katie, Kitti, Yang and Grace.