Natural Error

Natural Error

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Date: Monday 03 April 2023 - Friday 14 April 2023
Time: 09:00 - 17:30
Venue: Advanced Research Centre (The ARC)
Category: Exhibitions, Films and theatre

Free, unticketed 

Monday to Friday: 0900 – 1730

Saturday: 1100 - 1430 

Please Note: exhibition will be closed on Sunday 9 April and Monday 10 April 

Natural Error is a series of digital animations created from glitches in computer code. Each of these fleeting micro-sequences, ghosting up like fireflies from the surface of the screen, is of a creature (or other element from the biosphere) that is currently classified as endangered – by the encroachment of man, by rising tides and temperatures, or by habitat disruption from extreme weather events. Among them are iconic species such as the Monkey Puzzle Tree, whose disappearance from the arboreal environment is a symbol of the wider decimation of forest ecologies across the globe. But Warner also extends his gaze to other surroundings, in a bittersweet allusion to a biodiversity that is tragically being lost. Haunting harbingers of a freakish, out-of-control future that may make people see the error of their ways, Warner's chimerical agents of disruption also offer hints that it may need a radical, counterintuitive reboot to repair the damage being done. His animations of creatures, such as the White-Tailed Eagle, that have been re-introduced to the wild offer a glimmer of hope that this can occur.

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Rodell Warner, Natural Error (2021). Co-commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and Forestry England. Supported by John Hansard Gallery and Hunterian, University of Glasgow. 

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