AI in Persuasive Well-Being and Healthy Ageing poster image

This workshop aims to bring together academics, industry and NHS related organisations with the goal to highlight opportunities for collaboration. We plan to:

  • Promote our technologies and Brain-based AI tools for adoption in the NHS and industry
  • Strengthen our current industrial partnerships and seek to establish new ones
  • Discuss state-of-the art work in the area of pervasive sensing and healthy brain imaging and how to exploit these to enable innovative solutions

Over the past decade, paradigm shifts have been made towards the way healthcare is delivered and managed.

Emerging pervasive sensing technologies, coupled with advanced data analytics, have enabled real-time personalised and environmental monitoring. These technologies have the potential to transform clinical practice in terms of diagnostics, prognosis, preventive healthcare, and rehabilitative/assistive technologies. To enable these systems, we need to understand the challenges in developing AI algorithms to handle heterogeneous, varying quality and imbalanced data. Academics, industry and NHS should work together to develop reliable and trustworthy technologies as well as Deep Learning brain-based algorithms that are able to handle and interpret continuous streams of heterogeneous, multi-modal data.