Entrepreneurship and spin-outs

Entrepreneurship and spin-outs

The University actively supports entrepreneurs and academic staff in the creation of new ventures to lead the exploitation of research generated opportunities. This support ranges from licensing IP to start-ups to directly supporting the planning/ formation of a spin-out venture. Since 2006, the University has had a partnership with leading early-stage investor, IP Group plc, who provide expertise in company creation and access to investment.

More information about our approach to Intellectual Property and Commercialisation can be found in our policies.

If you are interested in finding out more about our pipeline of spinout companies and how you could get involved please contact:

University of Glasgow: Venture Portfolio


Intense uses propietary Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) technology and manufacturing processes to create diode laser products with unrivalled levels of power, brightness and reliability for range of markets.

Cronin Group PLC

 ‌CroninGroup PLC is a discovery company focused on developing a number of  projects targeting important new chemicals, materials, formulations and pharmaceuticals in important commercial areas. We are developing the ChemputerTM, an autonomous universal digital synthesis engine, which intends to open up chemistry to a wide user-base via digitization. This will allow chemical synthesis to be flexible and widely accessible irrespective of access to physical infrastructure and chemical knowledge.

Scoop Analytics

‌Scoop monitors social media to give instant alerts to breaking news stories as they happen, and before they hit mainstream media.

Thermoelectric Conversion Systems Ltd

‌Thermoelectric Conversion Systems Ltd is a UK high technology SME who design, manufacture and sell electronic power converters, test equipment, educational products and services for use with thermoelectric power generation and cooling devices with a core competency in energy recovery from waste heat. 

Causeway Therapeutics Ltd

‌Causeway Therapeutics Ltd is developing a microRNA therapy for the treatment of tendinopathy in human ( TenoMiR TM)  and equine (EquiMiR TM)  patients.  A ground breaking discovery of a single microRNA-dependent regulatory pathway in early tissue healing highlights a microRNA replacement therapy as a promising therapeutic option for human and equine tendon representing a major advance in patient and animal care. 

Caldan Therapeutics

‌Caldan Therapeutics discovers novel therapeutics for metabolic diseases including Type 2 Diabetes and other indications including non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and inflammatory diseases. 

Parkure Ltd

Parkure Ltd has the sole mission of finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease by developing drugs that stop or delay the underlying process of neurodegeneration. 

‌Saw Dx

‌Saw Dx is an emerging point of care diagnostic (POCD) device design and manufacture venture focussed on exploiting Acoustic-Flow technology.

VIRTTU Biologics

VIRTTU Biologics uses pre-clinical and clinical development of a proprietary oncolytic virus therapy for the treatment of a range of cancers. The company is in Phase I / II clinical trials with product.

‌‌‌‌Clyde Biosciences

‌Clyde Biosciences is a pre-clinical contract research organisation which provides new instrumentation and services for cell-based (including stem cell) testing for early detection of toxicity in drug discovery.

Dimensional Imaging

Dimensional Imaging develops 3D and 4D surface imaging software and services for applications in life sciences and entertainment industires.

Cara Therapeutics

Cara Therapeutics is involved in pre-clinical and clinical development of novel therapeutics to treat conditions associated with pain and inflammation. The company is in Phase IIB clinical trials with its lead product.

Senectus Therapeutics

Created by Cancer Research Technologies, Senectus Therapeutics is a drug discovery and development venture focused on identifying novel therapeutics that target cellular senescence.

‌‌Kelvin Nanotechnology

‌Kelvin Nanotechnology provides nanofabriction design and manufacturing services specialising in high resolution, electron beam lithography.


‌Brainwave is a contract research organisation delivering CNS testing services using transgenic fruit flies (Drosophila) to drug discovery companies. 


‌ Anacail develops automated ozone generation equipment for surface decontamination applications in industries such as food, medical and consumer goods.

Acquired companies

Kelvin Connect Ltd

  • ‌Acquired by Airwave


  • Acquired by Synopsys:


  • Acquired by Avacta:


  • ‌Acquired by Gemfire: