Your living environment

Your living environment refers to the place where you reside, usually associated with peace and comfort. The notion of living environment extends further than just your place of residence. Are you familiar with the community organisations in your area? Does your city support families? It is important to familiarise yourself with services, facilities, and organisations operating in your living environment, e.g. local notarial office, pharmacy or the nearest bank branch. It will not take too long to have a small walk around the area you live in, or just search any potentially useful information online, to acknowledge the availability of certain services – the worst-case scenario would be when a service is needed urgently while you have no information on where to search for it.


Top tips

Basic tips on how to organize your living environment

  • Any place of residence might feel uncomfortable if it lacks the smallest things that make you feel happy. Make sure to have something with you that reminds you of home/parents/friends/events/etc. They will trigger so-called “throwbacks” in your memory, thus generating positive emotions
  • Make your living environment tidy and ordered. This will help keep your mind clear, minimize a chance of forgetting something and save time for important tasks
  • Make your living environment balanced: for example, your study place should not be full of distracting objects meanwhile your ‘lounge zone’ should not turn into a study/workplace
  • If you feel like you lack the creativity to make your living environment cozy enough, search for some examples online. When it comes to your comfort, even the order of furniture in your room matters.
  • Private student accommodations usually publish helpful articles on their websites- they might be useful to get an idea of how to organize your room/flat.


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