Self-harm refers to the act of consciously injuring, or otherwise wounding oneself, usually as a result of any psychological stress.


Steps for support

  • It is important to stay conscious of your actions under any circumstances. Self-harm can be viewed as an unhelpful habit, so any attempt to fight this habit yourself would be a good step to overcome it
  • Simple reminder methods such as snapping a rubber band each time you catch yourself doing anything that can be evaluated as self-harm, or putting up a reminder note on your desk would help to overcome self-harm addiction in short term
  • It is still important to realize that no one except you can change your mindset and it is important to try to deal with your bad habits yourself
  • It is important to think about the preceding events that might have led to you self-harming and the degree of their impact on your wellbeing
  • Make sure to get support if needed- talk to friends/family/anyone who you trust


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