If you think you or your partner could be pregnant the first thing to do is get it confirmed.  This can be done by purchasing a home pregnancy test available at any supermarket and chemist.  If this confirms that you are pregnant contact your GP, the doctors on campus in the Fraser Building if your staying in accommodation or your nearest sexual health clinic who can then discuss the options available.  After this stage you will mostly be in contact with the midwife team who can answer any questions you may have


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Being a Student and Pregnant

If you discover that you are pregnant whilst studying at Glasgow University provisions can be made for you in regard to exams, but you also have rights that have to be met by the University and lecturers.  Contact your student advisor to make them aware of your pregnancy and your course administrator both of whom will be able to explain your rights to you as well as offering advice. 


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Tips for Taking Care of Yourself whilst Pregnant

  • Your midwife will inform you of foods they suggest that you avoid whilst pregnant, try to follow their guidelines
  • Eat healthy and try to avoid junk food
  • Avoid alcohol
  • If you smoke, try to give up or cut down
  • Do gentle exercises
  • If you still want to go to the gym inform an instructor who can tailor an exercise routine for your pregnancy
  • If you feel your struggling with your studying inform your student advisor, a lecturer or tutor who will be able to provide guidance.  Unnecessary is bad both for you and that of your unborn baby


Pregnancy Apps and Websites

There is now lots of apps and websites devoted to pregnancy.  This also means there is lots of online support available for pregnant mothers and new mums. 



  • WebMD Pregnancy – Answers any medical concerns you may have until you can speak to your midwife as well as explaining the stages of your pregnancy
  • Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro – Allows you to track your pregnancy as well as keep a journal
  • Pregnancy Plus - The most downloaded pregnancy app that be personalised for dads to be and other family members
  • Quick Tips for New Dads – An app for to dads to be that helps with your partners pregnancy as well as after the birth


Adoption, Abortion and Miscarriage

If you decide being pregnant or keeping the baby isn’t for you then there is support available.  There is also support available if unfortunately, you lose the baby naturally.


Adoption Resources


Abortion Resources


Miscarriage Resources

If you think you may be miscarrying dial 999 or go to your nearest hospital immediately.