Food is one of the most basic human needs, but eating the right thing can often be difficult at university. The fast-paced environment and cost can often leave us indifferent to what we are putting into our bodies. While it is very easy to rely on take-aways for our sustenance, it can be expensive and unhealthy. Taking time to cook at university can both be a way to take responsibility for what we are eating, but also create a space in our busy schedule in which we can really treat ourselves to something we enjoy.

It may often feel as if these spaces are too hard to manage during the more stressful times at university. However, it really pays off to take the time to make tasty meals for ourselves and friends. Cooking is such a fundamentally human activity that it can leave us feeling very satisfied, especially if enjoyed with people you like. Importantly, having a healthy diet can really improve our general wellbeing, leave us feeling much more clear and energetic.

Steps for support / tips

  • Experiment – university is not only a good time to try out new things academically or socially, it can also be a great opportunity to learn about how to make yourself feel great. This includes cooking! Try out different ingredients and see what works for you.
  • Cookbooks – check out what amazing chefs have come up with in the past and try them out yourself. You would be amazed at how many delicious things you can eat for affordable prices if you try.
  • Ask – Food can be an amazing reason to communicate to others. Talking about food can be an excellent way to learn about a person. Ask someone about their favorite dish and maybe you’ll fall in love with it too.

Useful resources

The British Nutrition Foundation gives a fantastic overview on everything there is to know about nutrition on their healthy diet page. Below is an overview of their ‘eatwell guide’ (BNF, 2016), a comprehensive instruction on the amount of different types of food you should be eating daily in order to have a healthy diet.

  • WellLondon offers a range of useful information and resources on nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Eatbetterfeelbetter is a government-funded initiative aimed at providing information all around nutrition and healthy eating.
  • NDR is an Organisation consisting of dietitians, providing resources to the public.


Self help apps

  • MyFitnessPal compiles nutritional information for you, just from a barcode! While you’re shopping for food you could be shown all sorts information, including healthier alternatives.
  • Lifesum: Diet Plans and Recipes lets you choose a fitness plan that’s right for you, whether that means losing weight, gaining muscle or simply maintaining a healthy body.
  • Nutrifix is an interesting app that lets you find healthy options at your favorite restaurants. It can also show you modifications to recommended dishes to boost their nutritional value.

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