Mental health crisis

Mental health crisis refers to any condition when you feel your mental wellbeing is at a snapping point.


According to the The Mind Charity, the most evident symptoms of mental health crisis include:

  • suicidal feelings
  • self-harming behavior
  • extreme anxiety or panic attacks
  • psychotic episodes (delusions, hallucinations, paranoia or hearing voices)
  • hypomania or mania
  • other behavior that feels out of control

Should any of those conditions apply to you- make sure to get professional help. UofG Counselling and Psychological Services should be the first instance to turn to since they can advise you on whether you are suffering from a mental health crisis and on further steps you should take to overcome it.


Steps for support

IMPORTANT: no one should be ashamed of their feelings and emotions. Severe conditions might arise from the smallest hesitation.

  • The first step is to recognize the trauma
  • The next step is to learn to feel compassion instead of blame for yourself – the person you are now and also the person you were at the time
  • If available, use an opportunity to undergo therapy. Your therapy goal may be to stop any dysfunctional behavior or attitude, but the key is to allow yourself to accept that these behaviors initially came from a self-preserving place, thereby chipping away at the shame these behaviors now create
  • Self-made coping techniques are good for small problems. Make sure to realize the full extent of your condition to choose a coping strategy- deal with it yourself, find logical explanations and calm down or search for professional help if the symptoms don’t go away.


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