Loss and bereavement

At some point in our lives, we will experience losing someone or something we are close to. Whether this is through separation, divorce, or death, it can be a difficult life experience. Loss may trigger mental health difficulties and overwhelming feelings that might be new to you. Some of the normal feelings after a loss include sadness, anxiety, anger, shock, guilt, and longing for the person who is gone.


If you are experiencing loss or bereavement, it is important to know

  • There is no right or wrong way to experience loss or to grieve
  • Each individual’s experience of bereavement is different
  • There is support out there for you to deal with the loss
  • It can help to have someone around you to help you through your experience of loss or bereavement, such as friends, family, or others in your support network


Helpful Reading, Websites & Videos

  • Dealing with bereavement by Andy Puddicombe
  • The Mind Charity have useful information about where you can get support with bereavement
  • The NHS Moodzone have helpful information on coping with bereavement
  • Marie Curie have information on their website to help you cope better when someone dies. They provide information on practical, legal and financial matters; organising a funeral; coping with grief; supporting a child when someone dies; and coping with grief as a teenager
  • Cruise Scotland helps people who have experienced bereavement to promote their wellbeing and cope with grief and loss


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