Eating difficulties

Eating difficulties are any abnormalities in eating behavior. During university studies, it is vital to stay mindful about your eating. People find it hard to manage their time in a way that allows them to cook healthy meals and eat appropriate amounts of food. The spectrum of eating difficulties is wide - from binge eating resulting from stress to inadequate attitude to food (f.e. skipping meals as one finds it unnecessary). In order to ensure your brain has appropriate resource base to proceed the amount of information you receive every day, meal timetable should be an inevitable part of your student life - it will not only help find a balance between work/studies and rest but will also help avoid some diseases.

Should you notice any abnormalities in your eating behavior that are difficult for you to control, please seek advise from your GP regarding your concerns.


Helpful Reading, Websites & Videos

To understand more about eating difficulties, read this article on the difference between disordered eating and eating disorders.


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