What is a crisis situation?

It's usually where you will experience an event or situation as an intolerable difficulty that exceeds your current resources and coping mechanisms. Unless you receive relief, the crisis could result in significant affective, behavioural, and cognitive malfunctioning. Sometimes, a crisis can make you feel that you can't keep yourself safe or you may harm yourself or others.

A crisis situation can come in many forms. For example:

  • Someone is hospitalised or there is a death
  • Someone is suicidal or in a mental health crisis
  • Someone is a victim of sexual assault or a crime
  • Someone goes missing

What to do in a crisis

  • You must get outside assistance to help you deal with your situation in a calm and safe manner. For example, contact the University of Glasgow Crisis Team
  • If someone's life is at risk call 999
  • If you need 24hr support to deal with an issue, try contacting the Samaritans on 116 123
  • You may feel comfortable talking to a family member or a friend; someone who will listen and understand the support you need
  • If an injury is not life threatening, you can contact Barclay Medical Practice (the on campus GP) for support, Tel: +44 (0) 141 342 3600

Top tip – Plan for a crisis

It can be a good idea to let close family or friends know the best way to help you in a crisis. Even having an informal chat with them can be useful to help them prepare for difficult circumstances. You could talk about:

  • The personal signs in yourself of your mental health deteriorating
  • Important contact information for the help that you need
  • What treatment they should offer you
  • You could also appoint one close family member as your 'advocate' - they will be responsible for making important decisions regarding your wellbeing in a crisis situation
  • In a more legal context, you can make advance decisions detailing the specific treatments you don't want to receive.  More information on treatments.

Useful Resources

  • Read the University of Glasgow's crisis information and specific steps for support
  • See the MIND handbook on crisis situations for a more in depth look into the support options for you
  • Take a look at the app 'WRAP – Wellness Recovery Plan'. This app allows you to create a mobile friendly crisis plan and post crisis plan to get through these difficult situations
  • There is also useful help about what to do in a crisis situation provided by the NHS

Contact information

  • University of Glasgow Crisis Team: If a student has experienced any form of assault or violence including sexual assault and domestic violence please contact the Student Crisis Team: Available 24/7 via Security, Gilmorehill: 4444  (0141 330 4444), Garscube: 2222  (0141 330 2222), Off campus: +44 (0)141 330 4444