Just because you don’t leave Glasgow doesn’t mean you can’t earn points! The Engage branch of the GlasGOw Global award recognises the benefits of engaging with international causes, organisations, and academics.

There are five specific ways to earn points that fall within the Engage branch:

Engage with languages - Learn a new or develop an existing language with GlasGOw Global!  Join one of the many Conversation Corners meet-ups to improve your language skills with native speakers or returning exchange students, or earn points for taking a language class at the University of Glasgow. 

Engage with other cultures - Act as a student mentor for incoming international students or become an active member of an international club or society. Find out more about some relevant organisations on Facebook:


Engage with Glasgow - Get involved with outreach projects in the community that contain an international aspect. The GlasGOw Global team will also be in contact with various opportunities when they arise.

Engage with global academia - The University of Glasgow hosts a number of renowned international speakers to provide talks and lectures to students. Attending lectures from speakers on topics involving an international dimension will earn you points.

Engage with the world - The University of Glasgow offers a number of opportunities to spend short periods of time abroad to get a ‘feel' for what Study Abroad experiences may be like.