TRI Workshops, Events and Training

Through MRC, BBSRC and Wellcome funding and coordinated through the TRI and MVLS Innovation, Engagement and Enterprise Teams, we are investing in more workshops and training for early career researchers through to senior research staff.

Recipients of awards (such as Wellcome Translational Partnership Awards, MRC and BBSRC Impact Accelerator Awards (IAA)) are encouraged to attend any relevant training programmes, but applications/attendance from all researchers are welcome.

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Planned Training Opportunities

DateTraining OpportunityOnline / In-person

Q3 2024


SMDN Opportunity Development Review

Online / In-person

Q3 2024
SPN Opportunity Development Review

Online / In-person


Legal Advice and Support

The Translational Research Initiative and Contracts Team offer support and advice on Non-Disclosure Agreements and Material Transfer Agreements, as well as Intellectual Property & Commercialisation.

2021 Training Opportunities

DateTraining OpportunityOnline / In-person
29/01/2021 Preclinical Development of Cell Based Therapies Workshop Online
17/02/2021 IHW Opportunity Development Review Info Session Online
05/03/2021 Small Molecules TIN Workshop: Preparing for Future Viral Outbreaks Workshop Online
10/03/2021 Hitting the right starting points for Drug Discovery: Biophysical Methods Workshop Online
16/03/2021 Biologics TIN Seminar: Oligonucleotides Therapies Online
14/04/2021 Translating RNA Biology to Therapies Workshop Online 
19/04/2021 Biologics TIN Seminar: Antibodies Therapies Online 
29/04/2021 Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in Advanced Therapies Workshop Online 
12/05/2021 PROTACs in Drug Discovery Workshop Online 
25/05/2021 Biologics TIN Seminar: Peptide Therapies Workshop Online 
07/06/2021 Targeted protein degradation - a new drug discovery modality Workshop Online 
09/06/2021 3D Printing of Medicines for Personalised Treatments & Other Applications Workshop Online 
16/06/2021 Intellectual Properties and Economic Impact Opportunities for your Research Course Online 
14/07/2021 Medical Device Classification Workshop Online 
26/08/2021 Photonics and Collaborations in Healthcare with CENSIS Workshop Online 
06/10/2021 WAPG Pre-Accelerator Course Online 
21/10/2021 International Impact Technologies Training (Nessa Carrey) Online 
01/12/2021 Route into Entrepreneurship: Trends in biotech start-up funding Training Online & In-person
08/12/2021 Targeting Systematic Inflammation through the Gut: from Mouse to Man via Microbe Workshop Online 
12/01/2022 Human Genetics in Drug Discovery Workshop Online 
04/02/2022 WAPG Pitch for Accelerator Workshop Online 

2022 Training Opportunities

Training activities organised by the TRI during 2022-2023:

Date Training OpportunityOnline / In-person
12/01/2022 Human Genetics in Drug Discovery Online
04/02/2022 WAPG Pitch for Accelerator Online
16/03/2022 Post-Academic Career Mentorshop and Advise Network Industry Event Online
21/03/2022 WAPG Workshop 1 Online
28/03/2022 WAPG Workshop 2 Online
20/04/2022 Phenotypic Screening Technology Seminar Online
25/04/2022 WAPG Workshop 3 Online
16/06/2022 Workshop 4 (Follow On from WAPG) Online
23/06/2022 CVR Internal Seminar Series Online
07/09/2022 Digital Data workshop In-person
13/09/2022 Business in the Biosciences Undergraduate Lecture: From Ideas to Opportunities In-person
23/09/2022 SBOHVM Opportunity Development Review Information Session Online
10/10/2022 Drug Discovery Workshop 1 In-person
11/10/2022 Drug Discovery Workshop 2 In-person
20/10/2022 Changes in the MHRA regulations post-Brexit Workshop Online
30/10/2022 SBOHVM Opportunity Development Reviews Online
29/11/2023 GCLP Workshop In-person


Video case studies:


Disruptyx Therapeutics


2023 Training Opportunities

Training activities organised by the TRI during 2023-2024:

Date Training OpportunityOnline / In-person
Aug. 2023 MVLS Research Ethics and Regulation storyboard video Online
12/04/2023 Regulation of Medical Devices and IVDs In-person
05/09/2023 Research Impact & Commercialisation workshop In-person
Nov. 2023 SHW Opportunity Development ReviewS Online


Video case studies:


Disruptyx Therapeutics


Upcoming Opportunities

Planned Training Opportunities:

Training Opportunity
Online / In-person
Q3 2024 SMDN Opportunity Development Reviews Online/ In-person
Q3 2024 SPN Opportunity Development Reviews Online / In-person
Ongoing Clinical Drop-in Sessions Online

For more information, or to register your interest in the up-coming training opportunities, please contact Michaela Petaroudi.