Winner- Equally Safe At School 

Published: 26 January 2022

Equally Safe At School: Winner MVLS Engagement Awards 2021

Equally Safe at School (ESAS) is an intervention developed for secondary schools to help them take a whole school approach to preventing gender-based violence (GBV). The intervention was designed collaboratively by Rape Crisis Scotland and the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Services Unit (SPSHU) team and co-produced with schools. The team did evaluation research during the ESAS pilot and turned the findings into public engagement tools: an animated film, and interactive map of school challenges. The tools promote awareness and understanding of GBV in school, facilitate classroom discussions, and support engagement with the ESAS intervention.

This was an impressive, well-structured, and resourced engagement project. Assessors commended the way the young people were involved in the co-design and the rigorous evaluation adopted by the team. The outputs including videos were powerful and likely to offer wider public impacts and benefits.

Kirstin Mitchell, Carolyn Blake, Julie RiddellMalachi Willis and Laurence Moore.

In partnership with Laura Wylie, Kathryn Dawson and Helen Sweeting.

Equally Safe at School - Case Study

Equally Safe at School  - Video

Equally Safe at School - Project Hub

First published: 26 January 2022