The CETC TAP review process seeks to ensure Glasgow led clinical research applications submitted for external funding are of the highest quality. Researchers will receive pre award advice from methodologists, statisticians, qualitative researchers, health economists, clinical trialists, social, behavioural scientists, and others with expertise in research design and methods to maximise funding success of Glasgow-led trials.

The applications in the scope of TAP review: High-quality and efficient interventional trials and other well-designed studies, addressing important health questions to improve clinical and healthcare practice. This includes pilot/feasibility studies/simulation modelling with a trajectory leading to a full/definitive trial.
Please contact the CETC team for any clarification.

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Who can submit the TAP application: Project CI/PI who is a University of Glasgow member of staff with a substantive or honorary contract.

What are benefits of TAP?

  • Prioritisation of support (methods/costs/governance)
  • Committee feedback on your trial proposal
  • Badge of CETC endorsement
  • Access to post-funding trial manager set up support



Please visit the General Grant Writing page developed by the Research and Innovation Services, providing general tips for proposal writing, as well as  links to Grant Writing Resources.

National Screening Oversight - Note to Researchers

All Research Proposals including screening, must be submitted to the National Screening Oversight Research and Innovation Group (NSO RIG). The National Screening Oversight Research and Innovation Group (NSO RIG) aims to strengthen research and innovation across screening programmes in Scotland by facilitating a coordinated approach to approving proposals, fostering collaboration and by monitoring progress on all active research. 

All proposals for research should be submitted to RIG for an initial assessment, prior to being submitted for research funding or progressing to other approvals as necessary. 

The application form can be found here