Stories from Glasgow: Episode Two – Roll for Storytelling

Published: 16 October 2023

Roll a perception check – you may have found the latest episode of Stories From Glasgow...

Emma French is a PhD candidate in University of Glasgow’s Centre for Fantasy & the Fantastic. Emma joins Cia for a conversation about transformative storytelling and Dungeons & Dragons. This popular roleplaying game is more than dice rolling and rulebooks; it's a powerful way to tell stories and explore the fantasy genre.

Emma shares how players become authors, collaborating on the narrative of their campaigns. They also engage with the wider fantasy genre, navigating and even challenging representation, tradition and tropes.

You don’t need to be half-elf edge-lord rogue, or a gnome cleric with a strong moral compass to enjoy this episode. But you may start to rethink your relationship with your favourite fantasy texts, or even pick up some dice...

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First published: 16 October 2023