We asked and you delivered... here are just a few of our favourite #Friendship stories from pals for life made at UofG!

Sian, Ailish and Elley

"Ailish, Elley and I met for the first time at the University of Glasgow at a ‘study abroad information session’ shortly before we all moved to the other side of the world where we spent a year at the university of Adelaide in Australia. From total strangers to best friends practically overnight. Living so far away from home I could not be more grateful to have met them!"

- Sian T

These two have absolute hearts of gold. 8 years later and Elley and I are currently planning Ailish’s hen party as joint maid-of-honours!


Edidiong, Karen, and Sidikatu

How does an Aeronautical Engineer, Phd Biochemist and Nurse cross paths at UofG? Edidiong, Karen & Sidikatu became friends in 2014 when they met as members of the Glasgow University Athletics Club (GUAC). They became good friends and kept in contact via their "Kasedi" group chat founded in October 2015 (credit to Karen for the fabulous portmanteau!).

Together, they have celebrated birthdays, the GUAC ball, ceilidhs, graduations, job offers, cup celebrations, house purchases, Edi's recent move back to Glasgow reuniting 'Kasedi', & Weddings. In August, Sidi got married to her husband, who she also met at UofG. The wedding happened at the University Chapel and of course she had her two sidekicks by her side as part of the bridal party!

10 years later and they can't wait to see what the future holds and are very thankful for UoG. Their next event they are looking forward to is GUAC Alumni Ball now they are all back living within an hour of each other (not that distance was ever an issue with their friendship!).

- Sidikatu A



Ronaldo, Heidur and Sebastian

"We met on 1st day of school for our mater's year in Glasgow, and got along all the way. Heidur and Sebastian were my sister and brother during that time, and it was very hard to say goodbye at the end of classes. We kept in touch and did visit each other's countries, Iceland, Germany and Brazil. But I would love to see them more often. Each of them now their own families and kids, of course. The first photo we took together on campus."

- Ronaldo S

Heidur and Sebastian were my sister and brother during that time, and it was very hard to say goodbye at the end of classes.


Jess and Maggie

"We met at GUBC 10 years ago, though we didn't truly become close until the day our boat capsized and we ended up like a pair of drowned rats. Even though I was incredibly ill that night (I do not recommend drinking the Clyde) it was one of the best things to have happened to me while at uni. She is the most amazing and brilliant person."

- Jessica M 

I could not have a better friend these past 10 years. So smart, so kind and has been through so much with me. Love her to pieces and so glad we had the opportunity to meet at Glasgow.



Michael, Izzy, Peter and Kerry

"We four met through all studying geography between 2013 and 2017. Some of us met in our first year but we became a quad on the quad in third year through a geography field trip to Majorca where members of our friendship group were thrust together into a team and the rest is history. Izzy was the founder and president of the kitten heel society (of which we were all members) in our final year which caused a campus wide divided opinion and uproar!"

- Peter W

7 years on we remain to be the best of friends and hope to continue that friendship into our old age!



Sarah, Sophie, Meredith, Roz and Rosie

Sarah, Sophie, Meredith, Roz and Rosie all met in Murano student halls in 2007, then moved into a flat together in Argyle street. Since graduating, the group moved on and started new lives all over the UK (Sheffield, Bristol, Lake District, Fife, & Glasgow), even despite geographical barriers, they've still kept in touch and shared many milestone moments together. There have been 3 weddings and 9 little additions to the group! 

Jo, Nicola, Alan Coirstaidh, Miles and Laura

Jo, Nicola, Alan, Coirstaidh, Miles and Laura met during Week 0 (Freshers Week!) of 2004. A fast friendship was formed and everyone got involved in uni life, joining and subsequently taking on leadership roles in STAR, People & Planet, and Amnesty International — this earned them the incredible nickname of the STAMPEDE Gang! After graduating, the gang went on to usher roles at each others weddings, and have remained close every since. 



Lucy and Josie

"Josie and I met in first year university at Student Halls and quickly became best friends. She came down to Uni from Aberdeen and I came from Northern Ireland, it was daunting starting Uni in a city I didn't know with no one from my school or life before. When I met Josie it was like meeting the other half of me, I didn't think I could make a true best friend after school but I did! We spent so many fun and special times around campus together, even though she studied veterinary science and I studied English.

We both were part of University of Glasgow Music Club together! I'd be totally lost without her, just last year she was my bridesmaid at my wedding - I got married to someone I met at Glasgow University too!"

- Lucy M 

I'll forever be indebted to Glasgow Uni for being the place that I found the love of my life (my husband) and my forever best friend.



Enikő, Lyndsay and Clare

Lyndsay, Clare and Eni do not remember exactly how they had met, they just remember knowing each other. They had done stats, biology and then honours Psychology together some 18 years ago. They often hung out at the QMU, been to countless gigs together, and even attempted to build a raft at their Psychology reading party up North, which they failed miserably. Little did they know it would cement their friendship forever. Since then they have been there for each other through thick and thin no matter the physical distance. Be it a few cities, countries or continents apart, the two-decade-old inside jokes still crack them up!

- Enikő Z

They say people make Glasgow but certainly Glasgow and UofG made us!



Margot, Fiona and Isabel

Margot met her husband and good friends Fiona and Isabel at No 1 University Gardens in 1967. They all continue to keep in touch, and have celebrated many milestones together, recently including children's weddings and Golden Anniversaries!

- Margot M



Emma and Yousuf

Emma and Yousuf met at the University Judo Club, Yousuf was in his last year of Computer Science, while Emma studies Law and French! They saw each other once a week at training, and their friendship flourished. They began meeting up outside of the club and then friendship became romance and they started dating. While Yousuf was still a student, they loved studying together in the library, smashing through coursework and revision, snacking on cookies and pizza. They still practice their breakfalls and throws at Judo together, and continue to enjoy making the most of our fantastic campus!

- Emma M


Sophie, Hayley and Susie

Sophie, Hayley and Susie met on their first day of uni in 2006 as flatmates in Murano Halls. 18 years, weddings, kids, moves, and pets later they’re still best buds. From halls to hen dos, they haven’t lost their fondness for lying on floors together. On reflection Sophie admits ‘Lying on a murano carpet is a very bold move'!

- Sophie L



Alice, Kate, Meg, Teresa and Jen

Alice, Kate, Meg, Teresa & Jen met in Murano Halls and then lived together in 4th year. Despite now living across Scotland, Canada, New Zealand & Finland, they still find time to meet up and enjoy a pint of fun together!

- Alice F