25 things to do before you graduate

1) Ask your classmates for a post exam drink on Ashton Lane

2) Visit The Hunterian museum and art gallery on campus

3) Set up a new e-mail address ready to be linked to your University of Glasgow alumni e-mail forwarding

4) Meet with a Career Service advisor to develop your job search and discuss you future career plans

5) Join Linked In and our University of Glasgow alumni group and Like the Official Alumni Facebook page

6) Become part of The Network - the University of Glasgow's exclusive online networking site - by creating your profile. 

7) Read a book for the sheer enjoyment of it (they also have fiction at the University Library!)

8) Get a voluntary placement through the SRC which will most likely be fun and look great on your CV

9) Leave your mark by donating to the University and adding your name to our roll of benefactors

10) Visit the Barras market on a Sunday

11) Talk to that person you always wanted to get to know but never did

12) Drop hints to get someone to buy you a cute graduation gift

13) Go to a class in the gym that you have never been to before. Circuits anyone?

14) Meet friends for lunch on Byres Road

15) Revisit your first year accommodation

16) Realise that your peers are an amazing resource (come to this understanding early and often)

17) Have one last night out at the QM and the GUU

18) Send your favourite lecturer an email to let them know you care

19) Play David Attenborough by visiting the Zoology Museum

20) Pay off any outstanding University fines as you can’t graduate with them!

21) Go to a meeting of a club or society that you always meant to make time for but didn’t

22) Get a foreign film out for free at the Hetherington Language Centre Library

23) Make the most of your student discount (before you rely on your alumni one at the University Shop)

24) Get your friends together and take a road trip to Loch Lomond

25) Don’t leave! Check out further study and the Glasgow Alumni Scholarship

Any more suggestions?  Let us know what you'll get up to at Official University of Glasgow alumni on Facebook