The Bowman Lecture 2023 | Ken McCallum, Director General of MI5

On June 1 2023, the University of Glasgow welcomed back to campus graduate Ken McCallum, Director General of MI5. At the Bowman Lecture, he delivered a gripping session on the invaluable role that maths and data science play in keeping the country safe. 

Watch the full lecture here. Introductions from Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, and Professor Adrian Bowman, Emeritus Professor (School of Mathematics & Statistics).

Ken McCallum | UofG Alumni Spotlight

Ken McCallum (Mathematics BSc 1996) is the Director General of MI5. Over his 20+ years career he has been responsible for keeping the country safe across key events in UK history, including the London Olympic Games and Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

In this spotlight, we discuss early career drivers, from sporting leadership, to the political landscape he found himself graduating in. We learn what motivates him through an undoubtedly difficult role, and find out what kind of person you need to be to work at MI5 (spoiler: it might not be what you think!)