Recent contributions

Recent contributions

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A - D

Adesuyi A L Ajayi (PhD 1986)

Diaspora Medicine
Immigration and Health

Gillian Best (PhD 2011)

The Last Wave

David Betteridge (MEd 1984)

A Rose Loupt Oot (Editor)

Granny Albyn's Complaint

John A Bradley (MRCVS 1953, BVMS)

The Greatest Wealth

Karen Campbell (MA 1987, MLitt)

This Is Where I Am

Angela Cleland (MA 1999)

And in here, the Menagerie

Waiting to Burn

James A Coghlan (MLitt 2006)

The Impossible Journey. A Novella.

Hunting Pleasure

Susan Corey (PhD 1966)

The Never Ending Quest

Helen Cowie (MA 1964)

Bullying Among University Students: Cross-National Perspectives

Campbell Crawford (BSc 1956)

The Men from the Ministry: Scripts

E - H


Elizabeth A M Frost (MBChB 1961) 

Comprehensive Guide to Education in Anesthesia (Editor)
The Role of Anesthesiology in Global Health (Editor)


Rodge Glass (MPhil 2003)

No Fireworks
(Shortlisted for the Saltire Society/Royal Mail First Book of the Year Award)


Stephanie Green (MPhil 2004)

Glass Works
The Lunatic Laundress


Frank A Haniff (MBChB 1972)

Guyana: My Eldorado


Roy Hay (MA 1965)

Aboriginal People and Australian Football in the Nineteenth Century: They Did Not Come from Nowhere


Michael Heyman (PhD 2002)

This Book Makes No Sense: Nonsense Poems and Worse


Gill Hoffs (BSc 2002)

The Sinking of the RMS Tayleur


Kenneth Hopper (BSc 1946) & William Hopper (MA 1953)

The Puritan Gift

I - M

William T Jackson (BVMS 2010)

A Memoir: Dr William Thomas Jackson: Veterinary Surgeon and Barrister

Professor David Jasper FRSE (Professor of Literature and Theology)

The Sacred Community: Art, Sacrament, and the People of God

D. Knight (MLitt 2006)

Decoding Skelmorlie Aisle

Dr Sarah Lawson (PhD 1971) 

The GWTW Fortnight

Duncan Lunan (MA 1968)

Starfield science fiction by Scottish writers

Andrew Mackay (MA 1993)

Young Lions Attack
Young Lions Hunt 

Lorn Macintyre (PhD 1976)

The Madonna at Montecassino

Hazel McBride (BSc 2014) 

I Still Believe: The truth is not as black and white as it seems...

Susan McCallum-Smith (MA 1987)

Slipping the Moorings 

Lesley McDowell (MA 1989, PhD)

The Picnic

Professor Tom B C McGuffog (MA 1962)

Building Effective Value Chains: Value & Its Management

Libby McGugan (MBChB 1994)

The Eidolon

Liam McIlvanney (MA 1990)

Where the Dead Men Go

Cameron McPhail (MA 1975, PhD)

The Scottish Nationality Test: How Scottish Are You?

Laura Marney (MLitt 2001)

Nobody Loves a Ginger Baby  
Dougal McIntyre BSc 1962
Prestwick's Pioneer

Joseph Mills (MA 1989)

Borderline: The Mainstream Book of Scottish Gay Writing

S. J. Morrison (BSc 1940)

Statistics for Engineers: an Introduction

N - S

John C Nicol (MA 1960, BD)


Sharad P Paul (MPhil 2002)

To Kill a Snow Dragonfly

Dr. Diane Radford (BSc 1978)

Bless Your Little Cotton Socks

Alistair McRae Rennie (MA 1934, BD)

Scotch Broth: A Mix of Memories of Ninety Years

Margaret G Sim (MA 1964)

A Relevant Way to Read

T - Z

Bernard Theobalds (BSc 1969)

Landing on Solid Ground 

Georghios Theodoulou (MA 1952, MTh)

The Church-State Relations in Cyprus with Special Reference to the Modern Era

Kate Tough (MLitt 2008)

Head for the edge, keep walking

Barry A. Vann (PhD 2006)

The Forces of Nature; Our Quest to Conquer the Planet

John R. Watson (PhD 1996)

The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology

Carsten Weerth (BSc 1994, LLM (Com), MA, FRGS)

Zollstrafrecht und Zollordnungswidrigkeitenrecht innerhalb der EU-27 Vergleich der unterschiedlichen Sanktionierung und Ausblick auf den Modernisierten Zollkodex

EU-Verträge Kommentar nach dem Vertrag von Lissabon

CITES und Zollverwaltung in Deutschland