Recent contributions

Recent contributions

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A - D

Dr Euan Ashley (BSc 1993, MBChB 1996)

The Genome Odyssey: Medical Mysteries and the Incredible Quest to Solve Them
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Mudassir Azam (MSc 2017, MSc 2018)

Goodbye, Glasgow
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John Logie Baird (1915), Author & Malcolm Baird (BSc 1957), Editor 

Television and Me: The Memoirs of John Logie Baird
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Gillian Best (PhD 2011)

The Last Wave

Shivoh Chirayil (MSc 2020)

What makes a Robot tick: The common man's guide into the world of Robots.
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Andrew Cotter (MA 1996)

Olive, Mabel and Me. Life and Adventures with Two Very Good Dogs
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Sir Vince Cable (PhD 1974)

How to be a Politician 
Partnership and Politics in a Divided Decade

Helen Cowie (MA 1964)

Bullying Among University Students: Cross-National Perspectives
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E - H

Michelle Millar Fisher (MA 2004, MPhil 2008)

Designing Motherhood

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Rev Damian Grimes (MA 1958)

Uganda: My Mission
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Dr Graham Guest (PhD 2012)

Henry's Chapel

Christopher Gajewski (Exchange, 1993)

Let's Get Naked About Mental Health! 
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Dr Jerry Haigh (BVMS 1965)

Reindeer Reflections: Lessons from an Ancient Culture
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David N Hamilton (BSc 1960, MBChB 1963, PhD)

Waiting for the Urine: Reminiscences of a Scottish Transplant Surgeon
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Dr Emma Harper (DClinPsy 2006)

A Toolkit for Modern Life

Roy Hay (MA 1965)

Aboriginal People and Australian Football in the Nineteenth Century: They Did Not Come from Nowhere 
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Albert 'Pompey' Austin: A man between two worlds
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I - M

Alan Jones (BVMS 1983)

The Sturmtaucher Trilogy.

Access book one "The Gathering Storm"

Steven C Kepher (MLitt 2007)

COSSAC: Lt. Gen. Sir Frederick Morgan and the Genesis of the OVERLORD Plan
Read some early reviews.

D. Knight (MLitt 2006)

Decoding Skelmorlie Aisle

Dr Sarah Lawson (PhD 1971) 

The GWTW Fortnight

The Bohemian Pirate

Dame Katharine Liston (MA 1952)

Doorstep to Damehood 
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Chris Loughlan (BSc 1977, MEd, PhD)

Imagine at will - Tales of experimentation, curiosity and innovation

Duncan Lunan (MA 1968)

Starfield science fiction by Scottish writers

Lorn Macintyre (PhD 1976)

The Madonna at Montecassino

Iain Maloney (MPhil 2004)

In Search of Piper Alpha

Laura Marney (MLitt 2001)

Nobody Loves a Ginger Baby  

Brian McAvoy (BSc 1970)

The Last, The Least, The Lonely and The Lost

Hazel McBride (BSc 2014) 

I Still Believe: The truth is not as black and white as it seems...

Dr Layla McCay (BSc 2002, MBChB 2004)

Restorative Cities: Urban Design for Mental Health and Wellbeing
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(Iain) Ross McDougall (MBChB 1967)

Stories about Scots and Scotland: A Baker's Dozen

Professor Tom B C McGuffog (MA 1962)

Building Effective Value Chains: Value & Its Management

Dougal McIntyre (BSc 1962)

Prestwick's Pioneer

Dr Paul McNamara (BSc 2001, MBChB 2011)

I Love My Teacher's Guts! 
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Case-Based Discussions in Medicine
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Mastering Medical Exams: a systems-based approach
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Alison J McRobb (MA 1965)

The Picardy Third

Dr Lachlan Munro (PhD 2019)

R.B. Cunninghame Graham and Scotland: Party, Prose and Political Aesthetic

Donald S Murray (MA 1983)

For the Safety of All
As the Women Lay Dreaming (Winner of Paul Torday Memorial Award)
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N - S

Dr Sudip Patra (PhD 2019)

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Cognitive Modelling
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Dr Fakhar Qureshi (PhD 1989)

Human Diseases: Detection, Diagnosis and Prevention for Beginners
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Teaching Practice: A Realistic Guide 
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Dr. Diane Radford (BSc 1978)

Bless Your Little Cotton Socks

Gregor Reid (BSc 1978) writing as John G Lesley

Barry Mackay Series Novel 5: Back to the Present
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Gregor Reid (BSc 1978)

Probiotics: A story about hope

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Tom Sharpe (BSc 1977)

The Fossil Woman - A Life of Mary Anning
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Margaret G Sim (MA 1964)

A Relevant Way to Read
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J David Simons (LLB 1973)

The Responsibility of Love
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T - Z

Ann Tornqvist (MA, 2003)

The Gangland Execution of a Swedish Football Star

Katy Turton (PhD 2004)

Blackbird's Song
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Robert Vinten (MA 1997)

Wittgenstein and the Social Sciences 
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Cara Viola (MRes 2012)

The Exhibition

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James Cameron Weir (BVMS 1966)

A Variety of Veterinary Adventures
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Caitlin Wunderlich (MSc 2016)

The Art of Collaboration & Innovation: Albert Kahn Associates
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