Music BMus

PRiSM (Practical Instrumentation, Scoring and Musicianship) MUSIC1022

  • Academic Session: 2022-23
  • School: School of Culture and Creative Arts
  • Credits: 20
  • Level: Level 1 (SCQF level 7)
  • Typically Offered: Full Year
  • Available to Visiting Students: Yes
  • Available to Erasmus Students: No

Short Description

PRiSM introduces and solidifies core practical skills in creative musicianship for pre-honours students. The course equips students in their pre-honours years to pursue a wide range of practical, creative, and scholarly music study as honours students. This includes group performance, orchestration and arranging, basic digital creative skills, utilising notation software and digital audio workstations.


1 x 1hr lecture, 1 x 1hr practical workshop per week over 15 weeks as scheduled on MyCampus. 3 x 20 minute tutorial over 15 weeks.

This course runs for a full year, with 30 total contact hours therefore not all teaching weeks have scheduled classes.

Excluded Courses

MUSIC1004 Orchestration




Piano reduction of large ensemble score, 2-3 minutes (25%)

Orchestration of piano score, 2-3 minutes (25%)

Portfolio: Performance and recording, 3 minutes, with accompanying critical reflection, 750 words (50%)

Main Assessment In: April/May

Course Aims

This course aims to:


■ provide practical musicianship skills for pre-honours students relevant to later study at honours level;

■ introduce repertoire and practices of music scoring and notation in a variety of instrumental and choral contexts;

■ introduce creative approaches to orchestration, arrangement and composition;

■ build confidence in group music performance;

■ provide routine digital audio and digital music skills.

Intended Learning Outcomes of Course

By the end of this course students will be able to:


■ utilise basic creative skills to compose, orchestrate and arrange music in a variety of instrumental and choral contexts;

■ rehearse, conduct, and perform collaboratively in an ensemble of their peers;

■ apply digital audio technologies in a practical music-making setting;

■ reflect on and critically appraise their own work;

■ approach practical music study with independence, confidence and adaptability.

Minimum Requirement for Award of Credits

Students must submit at least 75% by weight of the components (including examinations) of the course's summative assessment.