Oliver Simpson, UK

2nd Year Undergraduate

"I especially enjoy studying economics due to its relevance in the real world. You learn a lot of skills and knowledge that you can apply to other jobs or to your personal life. Learning about interest rates, exchange rates and economic indicators can help considerably in small or large decisions.

The opportunities at the University of Glasgow are endless. Being given the opportunity to study similar courses alongside each other such as Economics with Business or Finance gives students the opportunity to widen their knowledge. Plus, Glasgow has so many links with highly ranked universities all over the globe, opening you up to different cultures and lifestyles.

There are so many societies at the University, and there are two unions on campus. The Economics society offers opportunities to network with companies and improve interviewing skills with workshops. Glasgow is a happening place, from music festivals to sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games. The fact I can live here and take full benefit of everything the city has to offer as well as (hopefully!) coming away with a degree from a top class university is the reason why I study here."

Katarzyna Grzeszczyk, Poland

2nd Year Undergraduate

"I enjoy the fact that while studying Economics I get to apply my knowledge of the theories to the issues which are shown in the news. It is an ever-present subject. My favourite lecturer is Michele Lombardi, because of his creativity when explaining the topics.

I enjoy studying at the University of Glasgow because it allows its students to pick diverse subjects during the first 2 years, which means I don’t have to give up studying languages whilst pursuing my main degree.

I am a member of the Economics Society, which gives us a great opportunity to socialize with our course mates, gain important knowledge of the course from older students and gives us opportunities to network with future potential employers."