Nicholas Moritz Goetze, Germany

1st Year Undergraduate

"I really enjoy the structure of the Accounting & Finance course and the humour of the lecturers. The Accounting & Finance staff make a great effort to ensure that all students settle in and feel comfortable before starting with the actual course. I feel I have finally found a course that I am really passionate about. I like the friendly community within the department. The Accounting & Finance department is located in the picturesque Main Building which makes it feel even more special.

The University of Glasgow is set in a fairly quiet part of the city, but there is always something going on! Glasgow is probably the friendliest city I have ever been to. I have joined Far Flung, Glasgow University Ultimate Frisbee Club, which allows me to try a sport that is very different from the others. The people are really nice and helpful and I have probably never been as passionate about a sport as this one. I have also attended events from the Accounting Society, which is a very good opportunity to get to know fellow students better through fun activities."

Michael Winters, UK

2nd Year Undergraduate

"My favourite courses so far are Financial Accounting and Finance. The standard of teaching staff is very high but the standout members are the lecturers Bill Collins and Suzanne McCallum. Their enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and they are always very approachable and take a lot of time to help students. I particularly enjoy learning with a diverse range of students and teaching staff. This has allowed me to experience different approaches to the subject and meet new people. The course is very much geared towards looking at different views on accounting in different countries and it gives a truly international flavour to those studying it.

I have joined the poker, French and maths societies as well as a 5-a-side football team. I enjoy each of these and there are many more available but the one I attend and enjoy the most is the Accounting Society. It is organised by students from each year group so everyone’s opinion is taken into account."