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Research Seminars

English Language & Linguistics Research Seminar

For all staff and postgraduates: please see schedule for details.

Research in English Language & Linguistics spans historical and contemporary English linguistics (notably sociolinguistics and phonetics, discourse analysis, lexicology/semantics, corpus linguistics and applied linguistics), Scots and English in Scotland, and medieval English studies. The English Language & Linguistics Seminar provides an opportunity to hear and discuss research in a friendly and stimulating environment. The Research Seminar hosts invited talks from speakers outside Glasgow and also from Glasgow English Language & Linguistics staff members. It also gives our research postgraduates the chance to present at a formal research seminar.

The Research Seminar is normally held on selected Thursdays on Zoom. Postgraduates are strongly encouraged to attend. Zoom links will be sent by email to all staff and ELL PGs for each seminar; if you are not pursuing a degree in English Language & Linguistics but would like to join us for the seminar, please email Angela Gayton,


GULP Lab Lunch

The Glasgow University Laboratory of Phonetics (GULP) hosts a regular “lab lunch” research meeting during semester-time, and occasionally in the university vacations. The purpose of Lab Lunch is to provide an informal but focussed environment for the presentation and discussion of research in Phonetics, Socio-phonetics and Sociolinguistics, carried out by members of the lab and associated colleagues across the University (e.g. Psychology, Computing Science, Celtic and Gaelic) and research visitors. We enjoy listening and contributing to the discussion of research at all stages, from ideas, plans and outlines, to rehearsals for conference talks and finished papers.

Please see the website for the GULP calendar of events:

All are welcome, and if you are interested in attending please email Jane Stuart-Smith, to be added to the Lab Lunch Teams site where Zoom links will be provided.


Philology Seminar

The Philology Seminar has been run for the benefit of Glasgow postgraduates – and other interested persons, including visiting scholars from partner universities – since the early 2000s. The Seminar is relaxed and informal; interruption and digression are encouraged. It carries no credit, and counts to no-one’s workload; it demands no work beforehand or afterwards; attendance at all or part is entirely optional. The only requirement is a general interest in current issues in English (and Scots) philology, including English historical linguistics and the history of Scots, textual criticism/editing, and paleography, and the study of early (pre-1800) texts in English and related languages, including Scots. There is a special focus on issues of material culture, including book history. Participants in the Seminar do not need to be undertaking research in these areas, although many do.

To join the Seminar, simply contact Jeremy Smith on, and you will be added to the mailing-list for Zoom invitations etc. The Seminar is LIVE on Fridays at 1600 (UK-time), during weeks 1-5 and 7-11 of the teaching semesters. This session, for obvious reasons, the Seminar will be held via Zoom; however, it does means that we can be joined, for some part of the meetings, by students from some of our partner universities across Europe.

Reading Groups

  • Glasgow Colour Studies Group (convener, Carole Biggam )
  • Cognitive Linguistics Reading Group (convener, Marc Alexander )
  • Corpus Linguistics Reading Group (convener, Jenny Bann )
  • Piers Plowman Reading Group (convener, Elizabeth Robertson)
  • Onomastics Reading Group (convenor, Leonie Dunlop)
  • Applied Linguistics Reading Group (convenor Dr Angela Gayton)
  • Language Variation and Change Reading Group (convenor Prof Jennifer Smith)
  • Lexicography Reading Group (convenor Rachel Fletcher)
  • Old English Reading Group (convener Rachel Fletcher)

Past Seminars

Research Seminars, Semester 1, 2020-2021

All seminars are held at 16:15 UK time via Zoom
(unless otherwise stated)

Organisers:  Professor Elizabeth Robertson and Dr Angela Gayton (ELL)



Thursday, 8 October 2020: Professor Alastair Minnis and Professor Robert Pasnau (Yale University; University of Colorado, Boulder)

Hellish imaginations in the Middle Ages: Materiality versus metaphor, literal versus spiritual understanding (convenor: Elizabeth Robertson)


Thursday, 22 October 2020: Dr Itamar Kastner (University of Edinburgh)

Everywhere we checked talks like this (joint work with Benjamin Lowell Sluckin) (convenor: Clara Cohen)

***Please note that this talk will take place at the earlier time of 12:15***


Thursday, 5 November 2020: Dr Massimiliano Spotti (University of Tilburg)

On being enregistered into the online matrix of knowledge: An ethnographic exploration of an internet-based dismissal in an asylum seeking procedure (convenor: Tom Bartlett)


Thursday, 19 November 2020: Professor Meg Gebhard (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Implications of SFL pedagogy for refugee youth with interrupted formal schooling in the US (convenor: Tom Bartlett)

Research Seminars, Semester 2, 2020-2021

All seminars are held at 16:15 UK time via Zoom
(unless otherwise stated)

Thursday, 21 January 2021: Professor Andrew Prescott and Dr Helen Lacey (University of Glasgow; Mansfield College, University of Oxford)

Representing the Voices of the People of 1381 (convenor: Andrew Prescott)


Thursday, 4 February 2021: Dr Judith Reynolds (Cardiff University)

Giving immigration legal advice: a case study of professional-lay intercultural communication (convenor: Piotr Wegorowski)


Thursday, 25 February 2021: Dr Joanna Kopaczyk, Professor Ad Putter and Dr Venetia Bridges (University of Glasgow; University of Bristol; Durham University)

Representing Medieval multilingualism on the page: From text tradition to mise-en-page (convenor: Jeremy Smith)


Thursday, 4 March 2021: Dr Stephen Kelly, Dr Ryan Perry and associates (Queen’s University, Belfast; University of Kent)

Whittington’s Gift: Reconstructing the Lost Common Library of London’s Guildhall (convenor: Alison Wiggins)


Thursday, 18 March 2021: ELL PGR students to present their work (University of Glasgow)

Titles/speakers tbc (convenor: Angela Gayton)