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What is the best part of being a UofG student?

Postgraduate students discuss their favourite aspects of studying at the University of Glasgow.

Top tips for joining UofG

Postgraduate students give their top tips for getting the best out of studying at the UofG.

Why did you choose Glasgow?

Postgraduate students discuss the reasons why they choose to study at the University of Glasgow.

How easy is it to find student accommodation at UofG?

A postgraduate student at the University of Glasgow discusses her experience of finding accommodation in Glasgow.

How do I apply for a postgraduate scholarship at the UofG?

A UofG postgraduate student talks about the ways in which it's possible to apply for scholarships and/or funding for PhD study.

What are your favourite facilities at the UofG?

A postgraduate student describes her favourite places on the UofG campus.

What is the careers service like at UofG?

UofG postgraduate student discusses the ways in which the careers service can help connect students to employment opportunities.

How easy is it to apply for postgraduate study at the UofG?

Current UofG postgraduate students discuss how easy they found it to apply to study at the University of Glasgow.

What are the academics like at UofG?

Postgraduate students talk about what their academics at the University of Glasgow are like.

Can you get help if you are homesick at the UofG?

UofG Postgraduate students discuss how to deal with homesickness or loneliness at University.