Taster Masterclass #1: Creative writing first steps for nervous beginners (Face-to-Face)

Key facts

  • Cost: £60
  • Credits: 0


Have you always wanted to write but feel too shy, too new or‘not good enough’ to join a full-length course? Would you feel more at easelearning face-to-face for the first time? Are you unsure where or how to startwriting or which course to take?

Join this relaxed in-person masterclass for a gentle firststep towards writing creatively with support, encouragement, and guidance.

With years of experience encouraging nervous beginners, our experttutor will gently guide you through the fundamentals of telling a story:

·        Getting started: beginningwith a hook

·        Writing description

·        Telling a story

·        Showing, not telling


Choose this masterclass if you want to learn from complete scratch:

·        the basics of how to writewell with encouragement, support and guidance

·        how to use writingexercises to come up with new ideas

·        how to build yourconfidence by optionally discussing and sharing your ideas with classmates andthe tutor

·        What kind of forms ofwriting and courses are available to nurture your interest in writing in thefuture


So what are you waiting for? Bring a pen or a device towrite with and get started on your journey as a writer with more confidence andenjoyment in your craft.