INSPIRE Activities

INSPIRE Activities

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We would like to make you aware of the range of activities planned and funding for which you may apply for.
  1. A Research Forum together with the Governors & Mitchell of Cranstonhill Prize took place on the afternoon of Wednesday 22 February 2017. The Research Forum will provide students who have undertaken a vacation scholarship/intercalated degree to present and share their research work, become eligible to enter a competition with several prizes up to ~£500 each and hear from inspirational world leading researchers. Attendees will also be eligible to be considered for vacation scholarship bursaries for summer 2017. More details will be provided in a separate announcement.

  2. Course and Module leaders can apply for funds to contribute towards the expenses of invited speakers who can engage the BVMS students with research activities/lectures.

  3. Supervisors of BVMS students undertaking a research selective in final year can apply for funds towards research projects in their group. Furthermore, BVMS students who wish to attend research conferences/or visit research groups outside the University of Glasgow can also apply for funds to contribute towards accommodation and travel expenses.

  4. We have identified several Research Ambassadors who have kindly agreed to spend some time with BVMS or Veterinary Bioscience Students who are interested in research. This may include opportunities for the students to spend a day in their laboratory/group, attend research group meetings/journal clubs and in general provide research-career specific mentorship.

  5. A group of students who are interested in research have established a student network called VetGEMS (Veterinary Glasgow Evidence-based Medicine Society) under the auspices of GUVMA. These students will: i) organise research/social events including research workshops/journal clubs and talks by inspiring researchers, ii) create a website that will inform students about the student network and their research-related activities, (ii) work with the research student network based in the School of Medicine to organise mutually beneficial activities and iv) interact with external organisations such as AVTRW, BVA and VetEd to explore research-related educational opportunities.  

Ultimately, we will endeavour to maintain a continual increase in the numbers of BVMS students engaged with research to ensure the future success, competiveness and vibrancy of research performed by veterinary professionals.

For further information or funding applications please contact Caroline Hutchinson or a member of the INSPIRE Programme Team: