Current Students

Current Students

2013 / 2014 Students

David Green - PhD Student, University of Strathclyde

Award: 2 plus 3
PGDip in Czech at the University of Glasgow
MRes at the University of Glasgow
PhD Topic: The Extent of Czechoslovalia's 1989 Revolution
Date started: 1-10-2007
Supervisor(s): Dr Mary Heimann  ( and Dr Rogelia Pastor-Castro (

Natasha King - PhD Student, University of Nottingham

Award: 1 plus 3
           MRes at the University of Nottingham
Date started: 1-10-2008

Brendan McGeever - PhD Student, University of Glasgow

Award: 1 plus 3
PGDip in Russian at the University of Glasgow
Date started: 1-10-2008
Supervisor(s): T Cox, S Virdee (,

Susanne Sklepek - PhD Student, University of Nottingham

Date started: 1-10-2009
Supervisor(s): Dr Nick Baron (


Beatrix Futak-Campbell, PhD Student, University of St. Andrews
Supervisor(s): Dr Rick Fawn
Date started: 1-10-2006