Readmission Policy

All students who wish to ask for readmission to their degree should contact their previous Adviser or the Chief Adviser of Studies.

Any student who previously withdrew on grounds of ill health will be asked to provide a medical letter attesting to their fitness to study as part of the readmission procedure. Requests for readmission along with all relevant evidence should be received by 31 August in the year the students wishes to return.

A student whose academic progress in their degree has been satisfactory and whose return will enable them to complete their degree within the normal period from first registration specified in the regulations will automatically be allowed readmission.

If a student requires a repeat year of study as part of their readmission, then the normal policy regarding repeat years is applied.

Please note the relevant section from the University Calendar regarding the maximum period of study which follows. The expectation is that the maximum period of study is calculated in consecutive years.

3. Duration of Study
A candidate for a degree shall, subject to §4, normally attend the University of Glasgow either full-time or part-time for at least the number of academic sessions indicated as a minimum in the table below. The candidate must normally complete his or her studies for the award of a degree within the number of sessions indicated as a maximum in the degree’s supplementary regulations.

Type of DegreeFull-time
(minimum academic sessions)
(minimum academic sessions)
Ordinary/designated degree 3 4
Honours degree 4 5