Videos of Presentations

Presentations given at the 2016 Oximetry Workshop are linked here in order of session.

Session: Physiology (1)

Doreen Schmidt: 'Calculation of retinal oxygen extraction'

Gerhard Garhofter: 'Effect of increased oxygen tension on flicker-induced vasodilation in the human retina'

Martin Hammer: 'Functional testing of retinal oxygen supply under neuronal stimulation by flicker light'


Session: Physiology (2)

Einar Stefansson: 'Current and future applications of retinal oximetry'

Rebekka Heitmar: 'Retinal vessel oxygen saturation in mypoic eyes'

Sveinn Hardarson: Clinical use of oximetry in severe retinal hypoxia

Martin Hammer: 'Perturbation of retinal vessel oximetry by retinal anatomy'


Session: Oximetry, Intervention, and Diagnosis of Disease (1)

Karel Van Keer: 'Oximetry as a cardiovascular risk factor'

Atsushi Hayashi: 'Retinal oximetry of CRVO after surgical interventions'

Thomas Lee Torp: 'Changes in local and global retinal venous oxygen saturation after panretinal photocoagulation predicts progression of proliferative diabetic retinopathy'

Christina Jørgensen: 'Retinal oximetry in diabetic retinopathy'


Session: Methodology (1)

Martin Sin: '20 degree macular oximetry'

Enrico Pellegrini: 'Classifying retinal vessels in fundus camera and Optomoap images in VAMPIRE'


Rebekka Heitmar: 'Analysis protocols in retinal vessel iximetry: impact of number of vessels included and camera angles'

Vasil Diaconu: 'The on-line and real-time optic nerve blood oxygenation mapping'


Session: Methodology (2)

Javier Fernandes-Ramos: 'Eight wavelength calibration-free oximetry'

Laurence Brewer: 'Oximetry using laser speckle'

Derek Ball: 'Translating eye imaging techniques as diagnoistic and prognostic tools for health'

Session: Oximetry Beyond the Retina

Einar Stefansson: 'Oxygen physiology of the vitreous'

Martin Sin: 'Pars plana vitrectomy and oximetry saturation in retinal vessels'

Marieke van der Putten: 'Deep tissue in vivo oximetry of rats and mice with multispectral imaging'

Lewis MacKenzie: 'Oximetry of bulbar conjunctival and episcleral microvasculature using snapshot multispectral imaging'

Ian Poxon: 'Spectroscopy of skin in systemic sclerosis'

Session: Oximetry, Intervention, and Diagnosis of Disease (2)

Thorunn S. Eliasdottir: 'Retinal oximetry in systemic diseases'

Lewis MacKenzie: 'Dye-free retinal angiography achieved with Oximetric Ratio Contrast Angiography (ORCA)'

Wouter Vehmeijer: 'Retinal oximetry in children'

Guillem Carles: ' ROP oximetric opthalmoscope' [VIDEO NOT AVAILABLE]