Academic Requirements

Minimum of Scottish Higher of AABB* (allowance may be given for individual circumstances) or equivalent from S5 (we require three Highers to be sciences. One Higher may be crashed in S6 and we allow for one of the sciences to be a resit. Subjects before starting the GAP programme must include Biology and any two of Chemistry, Physics or Maths). Candidates in S6 will be expected to pass all courses undertaken in their S6 programme of study, with a minimum of grade C in Advanced Highers, and would be required as a condition within any offer. 

Please note that the programme is aimed primarily at S6 students, although individual consideration can be allowed for S5 in exceptional circumstances only- please get in touch to check these before you apply. 


Completion of the SWAP Access to Medical Sciences at Glasgow Clyde College with the minimum result of a 'Merit'

*Please note that candidates eligible for WP entry into medicine directly who meet the necessary academic requirements, are encouraged to apply to medicine through the traditional route. If candidates are eligible for medicine and GAP and wish to be considered for GAP, they must apply to the GAP on UCAS.


As the programme is funded by the Scottish Government as part of the national widening participation directive, candidates are required to be identified within one of the following categories:

Applicant is resident in Scotland, in an area with a postcode which falls within the lowest 20% of the Scottish index of multiple deprivation (SIMD0-20). Postcode Checker: note: Changes to postcode after your application is submitted to suit eligibility criteria will not be considered.


Applicant is a young person resident in Scotland who is care experienced (young person in care/care leaver) or a carer.

*this criterion is subject to verification by the university


Applicant has completed the Reach Programme as a participant in the Remote and Rural Island Cluster.

*It is likely that if you attend one of the schools listed here: GAP Remote and Rural list of schools, you will be eligible for the programme. If you attend a different school but are resident on the Island Cluster, you are also eligible. In order to be eligible for the programme your residency must be on the Island Cluster. If you are unsure, please do get in touch to check your eligibility. 


The GAP programme is designed to provide first-time entry to higher education with the subsequent access to medicine, therefore we are unfortunately unable to consider university graduates for the programme at this time. We would encourage university graduates to apply to medicine through the traditional route with the following requirements. Since the GAP provides first-time entry into higher education, if you are already enrolled on another degree programme, you are not eligible for GAP, but can apply to medicine as a graduate upon completion of your degree.

The GAP programme would normally be aimed at S6 students, however, applications for S5 students will be considered on an individual basis, provided there are exceptional circusmtances for applying.

If your eligibility for GAP is based not on your postcode (i.e. SIMD 1-20), but on one of the other relevant Widening Participation GAP criteria (i.e. care-experience, estrangement, caring responsibilities, refugee or asylum seeker status), then you must get in touch before submitting your application so that this eligibility can be verified. The University of Glasgow has dedicated named points of contact for each of the student groups who will carry out the verification in strictest confidence, making sure you are eligible for the programme before you apply. The relevant named points of contact will also be able to advise on the further support the University offers to those who are care-experienced, estranged, asylum seekers, refugees, or carers.

We welcome applications from asylum seekers with the right to remain and study, subject to verification by the University of Glasgow prior to application submission. As those seeking asylum would not have access to SAAS funding, they would need to apply for tuition fee funding from alternative sources prior to acceptance on the programme. One such source in previous years has been the Carnegie Trust; if you would like further information on this, please contact Paula Blair or Martin Irwin on or, who can discuss this process with you in more detail.

You may need to provide confirmation of your eligibility during the application process. Candidates will be considered in the same way as other eligible applicants if they identify with two or more eligibility criteria. Please note that candidates must have permission to study in the UK and may be asked to provide documentary evidence of UK immigration status. Should eligibility not be confirmed by the deadline requested, an application, interview or offer will be withdrawn.

Interviews & Offers


Should a candidate be considered further, we will send an invitation to interview. Candidates will be advised of the preparation they should undertake. Given the competitive nature of the programme, we unfortunately cannot interview all candidates.

The interviews are likely to take place in early February 2021.


Offers will be made to successful applicants after interview. Given the competitive nature of the programme, we unfortunately cannot make offers to all interviewed candidates.

If applicants are not made an offer straight away after interview, applicants will be placed on a waiting list and will be updated on the status of their offer in the following months.

**If a candidate is unsuccessful after interview, this outcome does not preclude them from re-applying in the next session. If an applicant is unsuccessful on grounds of eligibility; unless their eligibility criteria alters in the following sessions, we would not recommend re-applying. 

GAP Application Process