What our attendees say

"Very informative course and good information provided."  Anonymous, on 'Confident Presentation and Networking'

"Session was informative and well worth attending."  Anonymous, on 'Ethics (Mandatory)'

"Excellent, useful aspects covered expecially in teamwork."  Anonymous, on 'Team Working and Delegation'

"The great strength of this course is the quality of teaching. Participants can draw on the expertise of two seasoned court room practitioners who seek to impart their knowledge and experience from the perspective of the pleader and the bench respectively. By utilising the excellent Moot Court Room in the School of Law, participants benefit from carrying out practical exercises in a realistic court room environment. The course programme carefully intertwines workshops and role play with general group discussion and feedback. This is course would be of great assistance to trainee and newly qualified solicitors who will be required to appear in criminal and civil courts, as well as other legal forums. It is also useful for those who simply wish to polish their public speaking and presentational skills and present arguments in a legal setting with greater confidence. It is highly recommended for any lawyer who will be on his/her feet at an early stage in their career."  Gareth Reid, on 'Advocacy Skills for Courts and Tribunals'

"Very helpful to get practical experience.  Useful to get feedback."  Anonymous, on 'Civil Litigation, Practical Skills'

(Most useful part of the course) "Practical court advice ... all of it!"  Anonymous, on 'Practical Criminal Law Skills'

(Most useful part of the course) "Everything!  Going through clauses was very informative."  Anonymous, on 'Residential Property: Time Critical Issues in Practice'

"Best CPD course.  Great tutor ... very good at explaining, engaging and making the course interesting."  Anonymous, on 'Family Law'

"Really well organised course - practical examples really helpful both for Renewable Energy and Traineeship in general.  One of the best courses in the programme." Anonymous, on 'Renewable Energy'

"Practical - very thorough."  Anonymous, on 'Undertaking a Corporate Acquisition'

"Very informative as based on real cases in practice."  Anonymous, on 'Wills, Trusts and Executries'