Postgraduate research students

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Web page for each postgraduate: to add your profile

‌If you'd like to have your profile added to this list:

  1. Please complete the Research student web consent form and send it back by email to the School web publisher.  
  2. The basic information (thesis title, supervisors) is pulled directly from MyCampus, but if you would like a full profile, you need to: -
    • Either complete the PhD Student profile form and send it back to the School web publisher (you do not need to fill in every single box – you can have as much or as little information as you would like, and if you’d like your photograph, please email her as a small jpg, ideally 140 pixels wide)
    • Or register to edit your own profile page on T4 by completing a PGR registration form and emailing it back to the School Web Publisher.

Visiting postgraduate researchers

We welcome postgraduate visitors: please check here for information