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  • Alcaraz Sanchez Adriana (Philosophy)
    Awake in Deep Sleep: The case of lucid dreamless sleep
  • Baker Iona (History)
    The Mechanics of Gendered Power: 13th Century European Ruling Women’s Constructions of Authority in the Epistolary Genre
  • Blyth Christopher (History)
    The heterogeneity behind the homogeneous 'nation': how 'Greek' was the 'Greek War of Independence 1821-32'? An Examination of the cosmopolitan influences upon the movement for Greek independence between 1814 and 1821.
  • Bočkutė Aurimė (Archaeology)
    Mesolithic Arran in the Anthropocene: the value of a deep time perspective on landscape for ecological thinking
  • Brennan Harry (History)
    Transatlantic Gendered Identities in the early modern Atlantic, c.1650-1750
  • Brunton Emma (History)
    Transformations in women’s spiritual power from pre-colonial to early colonial Rwanda.
  • Burklund Richard (History)
    Corpses in the Grass”: Strategic Culture and Combat Effectiveness in the Pacific War; A Case Study of the U.S. Seventh Infantry Division
  • Conner Craig (History)
    Scottish Military Culture and Highland and Lowland Elites: A Comparative Study, 1493-1625
  • Craig Michelle (History)
    From Early Modern To Enlightenment: Provenance in William Hunter’s Library
  • Fearnley Laura (Philosophy)
    What would have been and what should have been: The interdependence of counterfactuals and morality
  • Gallacher James (History)
    The Accomplishments of Their Ancestors: Memory and Crusading in England, France, and Burgundy in the Fifteenth Century
  • Gambell Sarah (Information Studies)
    The tactical value of digitisation for the preservation of cultural heritage in conflict
  • Gardner Owain (History)
    Music, Knowledge, Faith and Reform in the Thought and Practice of Robert Grosseteste and J. S. Bach
  • Gilmartin Ruaridh (Philosophy)
    Where Does Skynet’s Knowledge Begin and End?
  • Hamilton Mairi (History)
    Intimacy Corrupted: Domestic Abuse against Women in Nineteenth-Century Scotland
  • Harrington Olan (Philosophy)
    The Non-Identity Problem and The Ethics of Procreation
  • Harrison Eilidh (Philosophy)
    Themes on the Epistemic Role of Emotion
  • Hay Michelle (Archaeology)
    Development of a novel ancient pathogen DNA protocol to aid in identifying and understanding the impact of vector-borne diseases in relation to Viking movements and migrations circa 800 – 1000 AD
  • Jamieson Callum (History)
    Anglo-Papal Relations, c. 1120-1221
  • Jose Francis (Philosophy)
    Extended Mind and Historicism
  • Kennedy Ross (History)
    The Practice of Exemption in Late Medieval England
  • Kist Cassandra Jane (Information Studies)
    Communicating Through Digital Artifacts on Social Media
  • Knott Evan (Philosophy)
    Social Modality, Social Progress, and Possible Social Worlds
  • Latkovskis Imants (Philosophy)
    Perfectionism, Paternalism, and Capabilities: Reassessing the Role of Liberalism Within the Capability Approach
  • Leslie Laura (History)
    John Erskine, First Earl of Mar and Regent of Scotland (d. 1572)
  • Leysen Brittnee (Celtic)
    Introduced Pākehā place-names in New Zealand’s Otago region
  • Loges Luise (Archaeology)
    Cultural Commodities during Political Crises – A Comparative Analysis of Trafficking and Purchasing of Antiquities from the Middle East from 1990 to the Present
  • Manson Laurie (American Studies)
    'The Clearest of Titles': the Twenty-fifth Amendment - constitutional weak spot or plot device?
  • Matthews Miriam (Information Studies)
    Digital Doctrines in Glasgow Museums: Digital interactive technologies and their influence on the relationships, networks and practices of Glasgow Museums, 1989-2019
  • McCrossan Katharine (History)
    The Co-operative Movement in Scotland After 1945
  • Meehan Daniella (Philosophy)
    Moral Responsibility and the Vice of Ignorance
  • Mortini Dario (Philosophy)
    Putting Knowledge First in Epistemology and the Mind
  • Mucha Franziska (Information Studies)
    Crowdsourcing in museums
  • Oliva Rebecca (Information Studies)
    AHRC NPIF Articial Intelligence Scholarship 2018-19
  • Osis Frances (History)
    Syphilis: An Enlightenment Controversy analysed through Documents and Anatomical Specimens
  • Pandey Shweta (Philosophy)
  • Porteous Rachel (History)
    The Continuity of Play during the Late Stuart Monarchies in Scotland, 1488-1567
  • Ros Morales Raúl (Philosophy)
  • Smith Gemma (Celtic)
    The Shieling in north-west Sutherland: people, place and ecology
  • Thain-Gray Rachel (Information Studies)
    Intersectionality in action: Fourth-wave feminist museological practice
  • Turley Ailbhe (Archaeology)
    Pot Psychology: A Reassessment of Time in Archaeological Practice, Analysis and Display
  • Verschuren Lynn (Information Studies)
    Multisensory Interpretation in Museum Displays: Evaluating Digital Engagement with Burrell’s Late Medieval Collections
  • Walter Erin (Information Studies)
    Reimagining Performance Art Histories: A Curatorial Approach
  • Zhang Yunjie (Philosophy)
    The convergence hypothesis and the moral conflicts of animal experimentations

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