Being Without Foundations: Events

Philosophical Applications of Modal Logic Workshop

Thursday 14th 2020

University of Glasgow (via Zoom)

The formalism of modal logic has established itself as an enormously fruitful extension of standard propositional logic. The operators it introduces, originally interpreted to stand for necessity and possibility, can be given a range of different interpretations. Today, a great deal of specialised work is being done in modal logic, and the formalism is widely used in a number of fields, notably linguistics, computer science, and game theory. The aim of this workshop is to develop and discuss distinctly philosophical application of modal logic. The speakers are invited to report on new technical work in their talks, but place the emphasis on its motivation and application to philosophical applications rather than its mathematical interest. The workshop will of interest to  formally-minded philosophers, giving them the chance to learn about the state of the art in the use of a key device in their theoretical tool-kit. 


  • Juhani Yli-Vakkuri (Tartu): "Belief, Truth, and Disquotation"
  • Johannes Stern (Bristol): "Being in a Position to Know"
  • Melissa Fusco & Arc Kocurek (Columbia): "A Two-Dimensional Logic for Two Paradoxes of Deontic Modality"

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