Formal Philosophy

A joint event of the Glasgow - Melbourne Formal Philosophy Forum (organiser: Adam Rieger) and the Whole Truth Project. AHRC logo

10-11 November 2017, University of Glasgow


  • Berta Grimau
  • Stephan Kraemer
  • Stephan Leuenberger
  • Greg Restall
  • Martin Smith
  • Shawn Standefer
  • Bruno Whittle
  • Gareth Young

Law and the Whole Truth

10–11 August 2017, University of Glasgow


  • Burkhard Schafer (Edinburgh) – Introduction
  • Tracey Elliott (Leicester) – TBA
  • Ema Sullivan-Bissett (Birmingham) – Belief, Truth, and Biological Function
  • Campbell Deane (BKF & Co) – Veritas: The Worst Defence for Publishers
  • Alan Paterson (Strathclyde) – Legal Truth – where the duties to the Court and the Client collide
  • Simon Barnes (Edinburgh) – Re-Evaluating the Exclusion of Psychopathy from the Mental Disorder Defence in Scots Law
  • Francis Shen (Minnesota) – Memory Detection and the Law
  • Neil Garrett (Princeton) – How the Brain Adapts to Dishonesty
  • Paul Roberts (Nottingham) – Against Legal Truth

The Logic of Totality

15–16 June 2017, University of Glasgow


  • Tim Button (Cambridge) – Internalism about Set Theory
  • Peter Fritz (Oslo) – The Consistency of Structured Propositions
  • Stephan Leuenberger (Glasgow) – The Logic of Totality
  • Michaela McSweeney (Boston) – Realism and Closure
  • Ian Rumfitt (Oxford) – Truth
  • Robert Trueman (York) – Substitution in a Sense
  • Gabriel Uzquiano (USC/St Andrews) – From Cantorian Propositions to Cardinal Inequalities
  • Bruno Whittle (Glasgow) – Exceptional Logic

The Requirement of Total Evidence

29–30 May 2017, University of Edinburgh


  • Jessica Brown (St Andrews)
  • Peter Milne (Stirling)
  • Martin Smith (Edinburgh)
  • Julia Staffel (Wash U, St Louis)
  • Lauren Ware (Stirling)
  • Lee Whittington (IASH, Edinburgh)

The Metaphysics of Totality

30–31 March 2017, University of Glasgow


  • Philipp Blum (Lucerne) – Every Thing is Positive
  • Aaron Cotnoir & Bruno Jacinto (St Andrews) – A Formal Semantics for the Theory of Embodiments
  • Louis deRosset (Vermont) – The Metaphysical Transparency of Truth
  • Stephan Leuenberger (Glasgow) – Totality Operators and Metaphysical Defaults
  • Anna-Sofia Maurin (Gothenburg) – Regress and Metaphysical Explanation
  • Alexander Skiles (NYU) – Existence and Second-Order Quantification 
  • Naomi Thompson (Southampton) – Fictionalism about Grounding
  • Bruno Whittle (Glasgow) – Mathematical Anti-Realism and Explanatory Structure

Totality and Fiction

Co-organized with the DFG-funded Emmy Noether Group 'Ontology after Quine'

9 December, 2016, University of Glasgow


  • Nathan Wildman (Glasgow)
  • Richard Woodward (Hamburg)