Informatics (Information Management & Analysis) projects

Technology assisted sensitivity reviewing of born-digital records

Governments around the world have encountered serious difficulties with born-digital records, including e-mail and word processed documents.  Large numbers of documents have been created without having security classifications attached to them.  In addition, many records are neither structured nor captured into official systems.  A particular concern is that records containing sensitive personal data or confidential information may become public at a time when this is inappropriate.

Project Partners: The National Archives of the UK, National Archives of Malawi, Prof Iadh Ounis (Computing Science), Dr Craig McDonald (Computing Science) and Dr Alistair Tough (Information Studies).

Funder: EPSRC

Digital Curation Centre

The Digital Curation Centre provides a national focus for research into the preservation and management of digital research data.  HATII was a founding member of the DCC, and hosted their Glasgow-based staff until 2016.


A living lab organised in conjunction with CLEF (2014-16) in which researchers can develop news recommendation algorithms and have them tested by millions of users in real-time.


A task at NTCIR-12 on different methods of retrieval and access of lifelogging data.

New generation's interactive information behavior in information systems with gamification

Funder: Asia Research Center at Nankai University

Project partner: Nankai University, China

Duration: 2 years

Start: January 2016

Funding: 20,000 CNY