Islands in the Pond: Reflections on Material and Intellectual Exchanges in the Mediterranean 

A Symposium and Reception to Celebrate the Contributions of Professor Bernard Knapp to Academic Life at the University of Glasgow and to the Study of Mediterranean Archaeology

6 November 2009

Photo courtesy Ross Clark

(1.30 - 4.00 pm)

Wolfson Medical Building, Yudowitz Seminar Room

 1.30 - 1.45  Prof. Stephen Driscoll,  University of Glasgow and Fellow Expatriate
   Opening and Welcome
 1.45 - 2.15  Dr. Michael Given,  University of Glasgow and Long-Time Colleague
   Sherds, Slag and Society: Interpreting the Landscape of Central Cyprus
 2.15 - 2.45  Prof. John Cherry,  Brown University and Long-Time Collaborator
   Landscapes Seen Through Prison Bars? Some Thoughts on Mediterranean Myopia
 2.45 - 3.15  Dr. Sarah Janes,   CRISP-PDS and Former Research Student
   Manipulated Identities and Complex Interactions in EIA Cyprus: A View from Below
 3.15 - 3.45  Prof. Peter van Dommelen,  University of Glasgow and Long-Time Dinner Companion
 Questions of Materiality: Connecting Trade, Provenance and Culture
  3.45  Prof. Bernard Knapp,  Glasgow University Professor Emeritus
   The Last Words

 Nuragic (Bronze-Iron Age) bronze model of boat from Sardinia (National Archaeological Museum Sassari).


(4.30 - 6.00 pm)

Gregory Building (Department of Archaeology), Conference Room

All colleagues, (former) students and friends of Bernard are invited to a reception offered by the Department of Archaeology.

Bernard Knapp in Ampurias, ancient Emporion (Girona, Spain)        Bernard Knapp preparing the SCSP fieldwork in Sydney       Bernard Knapp at the Iberian oppidum of Tossal de San Miquel (Lliria, Spain)

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