Early Medieval Imported Pottery And Glass In The Atlantic Province AD 400-800

Early Medieval Imported Pottery And Glass In The Atlantic Province AD 400-800

Ewan Campbell

This long-term project undertakes research on the imported material found in Atlantic Britain and Ireland in the period AD 400-800.  Pottery and glass was brought from the Mediterranean in the early sixth century, and from France and England in the seventh and eighth centuries.  This material is of crucial importance in dating sites in these areas, and also in illuminating long-distance contacts and economic development.  An updateable database of all finds has been created, and made available to researchers here and as archive files via the ADS.  This enables, for example, distribution maps to be created in a GIS. Some of these files can be downloaded here, particularly the database in Microsoft Access format (the ADS version of the database is in archive format .CSV files), and the large tables summarising the imports and the import sites.  See the full publication for details.

Digital archive

Download the digital archives by clicking on the list of files below

Database, Access 2000 format (9.5MB), Current database (Jan 2017)

GIS files  ArchGIS project files (self-extracting compressed files) ImportsGIS.exe

Database, Access 2000 format (9.5MB), version 2007 at time of publication  Imports database


Bibliographycurrent up to date bibliography including references in database

User guide to database

A variety of up to date (July 2011) distribution maps (self-extracting compressed files 6.5MB) Distribution maps

Table 12 Excel spreadsheet of Mediterranean imports Table 12

Table 13  Excel spreadsheet of Continental imports Table 13

Table 14 Excel spreadsheet of glass vessels  Table 14

Table 15 Excel spreadsheet of E ware vessel forms  Table 15

Table 16 Import sites: Cornwall & Devon.  Table 16

Table 17  Import sites: Wales & Somerset  Table 17

Table 18  Import sites: Ireland  Table 18

Table 19  Import sites: Scotland and Isle of Man  Table 19


Glass cone-beaker of Group E from Whithorn

E ware from Buiston

African Red Slipware from Whithorn

Key Publications

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