Database for Experimental Archaeology

Experimental research has always been integral to the discipline of archaeology. However, much of this research has taken place unnoticed and has remained unpublished. This database collates information on archaeological experimentation carried out to date and experimental work that is currently ongoing. The primary purpose of this database is to provide a facility that will enable more efficient networking and information exchange between experimental archaeologists, researchers, experimental research centres, craftsmen etc. This is a resource which relies on the input of data by archaeologists for archaeologists.

A username and password are required to access the website to enter, view and download data. These credentials can be obtained from: Please note that by entering your data, you agree to have this data published and made available online.

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The development and maintenance of the database is funded by the Leverhulme Trust and the University of Glasgow. The technical administration of the database will be carried out by the Department of Archaeology at Glasgow University, where it will be developed further as the need arises and hosted for the foreseeable future. An update regarding any future developments will be provided regularly to the research community.

Dr. Farina Sternke
Department of Archaeology
University of Glasgow
August 2009