Into the Wild: Rewilding and the Historic Environment

Published: 5 December 2023

A new research network to bring together researchers and practitioners from archaeology, cultural geography, nature conservation, land management, and policy

Regenerating Pine Forest, National Trust for Scotland, Mar Lodge, Scotland

A research network recently funded by the Royal Society of Scotland RSE has been launched at the University of Glasgow. The network, ‘Into the Wild: rewilding and the Historic Environment’ is led by Prof Nicki Whitehouse, working alongside Prof Emma Jenkins (University of Bournemouth), Dr Kim Ward (University of Plymouth), project partner Dr Hannah Fluck (National Trust). A SGSAH AHRC-funded PhD student, Gala Morris, is allied to the project and is also working as a research assistant on the project; she will be developing Scottish case studies to support the wider research themes. Participants and collaborators from a range of external organisations and funded projects are also involved, alongside landowners.

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First published: 5 December 2023

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