Gabii Digital

Rachel Opitz led the Gabii Goes Digital Project, funded by the US National Endowment for the Humanities from 2013-2015. The project aimed to bring the 3D modeling work that was integral to the Gabii Project's excavation method to its publications. The project benefited from close collaboration with the University of Michigan Press, and from constructive discussion with many members of the archaeological community. The first monograph produced by the Gabii Project grew out of the efforts of Gabii Goes Digital.

The first in the Gabii Project Reports series, which will be a set of digitally integrated volumes, is available online at: and at

You can read about the Gabii Project's Research and Excavations, of which Rachel Opitz is a co-director, here:

The work behind the development of the monograph resulting from the Gabii Goes Digital Project was discussed in a 2016 publication:
Opitz, R. S., & Johnson, T. D. (2016). Interpretation at the controller’s edge: Designing graphical user interfaces for the digital publication of the excavations at Gabii (Italy). Open Archaeology1 (1).

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