Heloisa Dickinson

Heloisa Dickinson is a Geochemist with a BSc. In Geology and an MSc. by Research in Geochemistry and Mineral Chemistry from São Paulo University that worked both in academia and industry in her native Brazil between 1994 and 2008. After moving to Scotland, she graduated from Edinburgh University with an MSc. In Carbon Management where she was the recipient of the Best Dissertation Prize of the year 2022 with her work “Assessing the potential for carbon sequestration in the soil of Catterline Bay ​using Terrestrial Enhanced Weathering​”.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic she was invited to work with the National Scottish Services (NSS) creating the map of Covid in Scotland and received training from Johns Hopkins University, becoming certified in Contact Tracing for vector and mosquito-borne diseases. The combination of her job and her MSc. In carbon Management during the 2 years of the pandemic led her to also study a post-graduation course in Climate Change and Health at Yale University.

Currently she is a Post-graduate Researcher working in the GALLANT project where she develops her PhD thesis aiming at developing novel techniques that concurrently sequester CO2 atmospheric and immobilise contaminants inside crystal structures. She is also interested in Soil Ecosystem Services from a territorial planning perspective, and the relationship between Geochemistry and all other fields of research and also art.

She is a proud mom to her 3 children, Hannah, Dan and Lilith and is married to John. They have a dog – Shelby and 2 cats – Scarlett and Tristan. She likes modern and contemporary dance, having danced most of her life in different studios. She also loves theatre, opera and reading about true crime, Psychoanalysis and Behavioural sciences.