MHRNS Workshop 4

2 February 2013

Workshop Research Theme: “Dependency”

Overview of “Dependency Theme”

Contemporary campaigns directed against the phenomena conceptualised as “welfare dependency” and “drug dependency” remind us that independence – be it mental, physical, financial, legal, or some other form – is highly valorised in our society. There is something almost irrationally fearful or phobic in normative responses to “dependency”. Both medicine and the humanities may confront us with the many forms of dependency and interdependency that are woven into our life, particularly with respect to childhood, old age, mental and somatic illness, and disability. This focus invites research to explore further the possible alliance between medicine and the humanities in the exploration of dependency; it may include, but is not limited to, areas such as disability studies, illness narratives, and legal, philosophical and theological perspectives upon dependency.

Note: Attendance at MHRNS Workshops is by invite only. If you are interested in putting your name forward as a potential guest participant, please contact the Project Assistant, Dr. Linden Bicket, at Symposiums and public lectures will be open to the wider academic community and general public.



Session 1:

Doors open from 9.30

10am - 10.30am

Brief introductory address by Convenors (Dr David Shuttleton and Dr Gavin Miller)

Followed by Collaborators' informal introduction

Session 2:

10.30am - 11am

Hannah Tweed: 'Facilitated Communication: Joint Authorship in Autistic Autobiography'

Session 3:

11am – 11.30am

Nuala Watt:'Sight and blindness - dependent definitions’

11.30pm – 12.30pm


12.30pm – 1pm

Vicky Long: ‘Rethinking narratives of disability and industrialisation in the British coalfields, c. 1780-1948’

1pm – 2.30pm

Closing Remarks and Formal End of Proceedings