MHRNS Workshop 3

3 November 2012

Workshop Research Theme: “Mental Health”

Overview of “Mental Health” Theme

Current concerns over mental health reveal a number of faultlines with respect to such critical matters as diagnosis, treatment, welfare provision and the shaping of social attitudes. The term “resilience” is currently being invoked in debates over mental well-being in order to encourage a stoicism towards the inherent “stress” of contemporary commercial life. “Resilience” is also invoked in “mental illness” self-management training, as well as in counter-arguments against over-medicalisation and regulation. How do we define “mental health” and is the concept being redefined in the face of economic recession? To what extent should policy towards “mental illness” be based upon ideals of eradication, interventionism or self-management? How can the critical insights of those working in the humanities – in which “neurosis” and “madness” have often been embraced, perhaps naively, as sources of insight, inspiration, creativity and originality – contribute to these debates?

Note: Attendance at MHRNS Workshops is by invite only. If you are interested in putting your name forward as a potential guest participant, please contact the Project Assistant, Dr. Linden Bicket, at Symposiums and public lectures will be open to the wider academic community and general public.



Session 1:

Doors open from 9:30

10am - 10:30am  Brief Introductory Address by conveners (Dr Gavin Miller and Dr David Shuttleton), followed by collaborators' informal introductions.

Session 2:

10:30am - 11am  Mark Gallagher: 'The Insurrection of Subjugated Knowledges'

Session 3:

11am - 12:30pm  Gavin Miller, Cheryl McGeachan and Ross White: 'Debating Transcultural Psychiatry'

12:30pm - 1:30pm  Lunch

1:30pm - 3pm  Group Discussion

3pm - 3:30pm  Closing Remarks and Formal End of Proceedings

Date of Workshop 4: 'Dependency', Date and Time TBA