26/11/2014 The Four Daughters of God

Published: 17 October 2014

The Four Daughters of God

David Jasper

17.00-18.00, 4 The Square, Upper Seminar Room

This paper represents a hermeneutical journey from Auschwitz to the Cultural Revolution through an engagement with the work of Professor Yang Huilin of Renmin University of China and, in particular,  his essay "The Contemporary Significance of Theological Ethics: The True Problems Elicited by Auschwitz and the Cultural Revolution." (2014). Yang offers a literary and theological reflection on the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which he himself lived through as a young man. He makes comparisons with the European experience of the Holocaust and the ethical issues which two events give rise to. His work has relevance not only to the Chinese context but to our own attempts to engage with ethical questions through our interdisciplinary endeavors.

First published: 17 October 2014