15/10/2014 The Shaking of the Foundations?’ Reflections on Tillich’s sermons as a key to his systematic theology

George Pattison
(University of Glasgow)

Part of: Literature, Theology and the Arts Research Seminars. Upper Seminar Room, Wed 5.00 p.m.

Tillich’s systematic theology appears today as a prime example of a kind of foundationalism that has been largely criticized by both analytic and continental philosophical approaches, often being connected in the latter to what is called ontotheology. In these terms his thought seems to repeat the philosophy of identity of Schelling, the focus of much of his early work. As such it does not appear to allow for significant difference or otherness, but always presupposes the datum of underlying metaphysical unity. The paper argues that Tillich’s practice as a preacher reveals an alternative tendency that allows us to see the systematic theology in a different light and to bring it into dialogue with contemporary currents of philosophical theology.

First published: 17 October 2014